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ED2020 Virtual Classroom - Introduction & Support

Study Skills

Who is the ED2020 Teacher?
Study Skills
Study Skills - The Learning Process
Study Skills - Taking Notes
Study Skills - Test Taking
Study Skills - Vocabulary
Study Skills - Resources
Quiz Answers for Chapters 3, 4, 5, &7
Quiz Answers for Chapters 9,10, & 12

Young man celebrating college graduation



As teenagers one of the important milestones in our lives is high school graduation. Wow it will feel so great to be able to just do whatever we want. Sleep in late, find a full time job, buy that car we've been dreaming about, go on a trip, or go to college. But why does it take so long? Why are some classes so hard and some teachers so mean? Even the AIMS test is hard to pass and now we have to pass it to graduate. What do we have to do to successfully pass all our classes and tests?  

Well let's think about other areas in our lives? How did we become such a good runner, basketball player, or dancer? Practice!! Our skills did not just appear, we had to work hard and put lots of time into excelling in these areas.

It is the same with academic work. Okay, it may not be as fun but if we want to be successful in a multitude of areas in our lives, then we also have to practice in academics. Practice in academics utilizes Study Skills.


Study Skills

Study Skills are an important component of academic success that we somehow manage to gloss over. We need to effectively practice studying for our classes and tests. Learning and practicing Study Skills are just as essential as the material we are studying. With today’s focus on strengthening your academic skills, and ensuring that you are prepared to meet most of the challenges in your life, we have to find a way to do that. So that’s how this Study Skills support page came about. 

Through these pages, we will provide support for strengthening your study skills leading to academic success.  Although there are several components to study skills we have chosen to focus on four.  The four include the learning process, taking notes, test taking and vocabulary building.  

Goal:  Strengthen student study skills resulting in the successful completion of  their ED2020 classes.
Learning Objectives:
Through the first two weeks of class, students will:
1.  Investigate the learning process through Multiple Intelligences
2.  Identify your own multiple intelligence preference
3.  Listen and take notes
4.  Develop test-taking and test reviewing strategies
5.  Access and utilize vocabulary resources on the Web.
6.  Gain confidence through the use of computer technology and the resources of the Internet
7.  Utilize critical thinking skills in evaluating, synthesizing and analyzing information.

Arizona State Workplace Standards

The purpose of this site is to offer new strategies that will help strengthen your study skills.  To demonstrate and measure growth in this direction there are several Assignments that you are required to complete. All Assignments will appear like this, purple and underligned. 
  1. Your Assignment for this page is to take an inventory of your existing study skills. Follow the directions in the Table below these instructions.  Once you have answered and printed your scores, you must select an area that you will work on improving for the semester.  For example, you may decide to utilize a strategy that will help improve your scores on multiple choice tests.  From this page you will select "Test Taking" from the Navigation bar on the left.  From there you will proceed to the Test Taking section and review the information on how to take multiple choice tests.  You will write a 300 word essay describing what study skill you have chosen to work on, based on your inventory and what new strategies you will use.  
  2. After you have finished this assignment click on the link "The Learning Process" on the Navigation bar to the left.  A  new page will open and there you will have a opportunity to see how you learn.  This will help you to understand how you can use your learning style to be successful in any class you take.  You will the complete all the work listed under Assignment
  3. The next page you will go to is on "Taking Notes." As notetaking is a very important component of study skills a notebook must be kept and contain notes from each section of these Support Web pages.  Notes will be checked weekly. Complete the assignment on the Web page Taking Notes.
  4. Continue to follow each one of the links on the Navigator Bar.  Select each link in the following order: Test Taking, Vocabulary and then Resources.  Remember to take notes on each page, and record vocabulary you are not familiar with.  
  5. After you complete each section, an essay (300 words) must be written.  The essay must contain a description of what you learned, how it differs from what you have been doing and what you are going to do to modify your practice.



Click here to take an inventory of your study skills. Another window will appear. Click in the top box on "Study Skills Inventory". Another window will appear with the inventory

Once you have completed the inventory, select Score Study Skills Inventory, at the bottom of the inventory, and print out the results.  Notice which areas you need support with and read the corresponding section to find ideas how to strengthen these areas.  Remember you must choose one of these areas to improve during the year.  Please turn in your results and a summary of the one that you have chosen to improve this semester and what steps you plan to take to accomplish this. 

Now that you have finished this assignment let's move on to the next section.  Click on the Study Skills - The Learning Process link in the Navigation Bar to the left of this page.




Remember to keep notes on this section in your notebooks!!
Record words that you do not know to look up later!!