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The Learning Process

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What is learning?  Do you learn?  How do you learn?  How did you learn to walk/talk?  These are important questions to think about and research.   There is a great deal of research on this subject and well worth looking at.  Why?  Because if there are topics we would really like to learn, there are some strategies we can use to facilitate that learning.  First we need to examine how each of us learn.  
One exciting area of learning that we want you to explore is Multiple Intelligences. 

Read more about your intelligence(s)

Click here, print out and complete the inventory on Multiple Intelligences.



Once you have printed the inventory, look up the intelligence(s) that you are the strongest on and therefore your preferred way of learning.  Write a short essay, 300 words, on what you learned about your intelligence and how this will affect your study habits.


Further Research

For further research on multiple intelligences check out the following websites.


Remember to keep notes on this section in your notebooks!!
Record words that you do not know to look up later!!