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ED2020 Virtual Classroom - Introduction & Support

Who is the ED2020 Teacher?

Who is the ED2020 Teacher?
Study Skills
Study Skills - The Learning Process
Study Skills - Taking Notes
Study Skills - Test Taking
Study Skills - Vocabulary
Study Skills - Resources
Quiz Answers for Chapters 3, 4, 5, &7
Quiz Answers for Chapters 9,10, & 12
Can you guess which one of these two handsome fellows is Mr. Richard Garcia, your teacher?
Well if you chose the handsomest one on the left then you guessed right.  Just kidding!!  I am the one on the left though.  The one on my right is my little clan brother. 

Blue & Subway

I have lived in Tuba City and, worked at Tuba City High School for two years now.  I also have a home in Flagstaff.  Currently living with me are my two birds, Blue and Subway, my cat Sonway, and an exchange student from Mongolia named Ariunbold Damdinbazar.  We have a nice big yard with apple and apricot trees and a hammock hanging in these trees for relaxing. I am really getting into gardening so in a couple of months everything in my yard will be green and edible.  Send email to RichGarcia!


I am the teacher for ED2020 classes.  Although it would be difficult to be the teacher for all 30 classes you can take in ED2020, I can help you in many other ways.  I have a Master's Degree in Health and both an Elementary and Secondary Arizona State Certification.  I am also a certified TRIBES trainer with 15 years teaching experience. 


My goal is to help you finish high school by successfuly completing your classes. You need these classes to graduate and I want you to graduate and get on with your lives.  So over the last couple of years working with students I believe that many students would benefit from strengthening their study skills.   So this is my way of contributing to you.  Check out the Study Skills  link on the left side of this page to begin. 

Ariunbold Damdinbazar

Below you will find a list of other Websites that might be of interest to you and your work in ED2020.

Just Ask

Help for English

Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia

Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia

Ask Dr. Math

Ariunbold sleeping in the hammock.