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ED2020 Virtual Classroom - Introduction & Support


Who is the ED2020 Teacher?
Study Skills
Study Skills - The Learning Process
Study Skills - Taking Notes
Study Skills - Test Taking
Study Skills - Vocabulary
Study Skills - Resources
Quiz Answers for Chapters 3, 4, 5, &7
Quiz Answers for Chapters 9,10, & 12
  1. What web-authoring tool(s) did you use?  I used the Lycos/Tripod web authoring tools.  In some areas I wanted to change some of the HTML so I Googled what I wanted to do and it came up with different HTML suggestions and I tried them. Some I got others were over my head.
  2. What challenges did you encounter?     Too many.  Although the template and authoring tools are great I found areas where either the change I wanted to make didn't work all that well or I just could not figure out how to do things.  There were times I wanted to use a table that stretched across two columns.  But although I chose that and modified the table size, etc. it wouldn't work.  I even tried to modify the layout but then sometimes it would alter the whole page and other times it would work.  The other area I had trouble with was deciding if pages needed photos or could just work without ones.  Also free appropriate graphics were of terrible quality and I could not find ones that I felt were of the caliber of my page. 
  3. What steps did you take to solve the problems?  Like I mentioned above I tried a variety of things.  Sometimes I tried to move tables that stretched across the page into the area I wanted it.  Again sometimes it worked and other times it wouldn't.
  4. What problems, if any did you have posting to your selected Web-hosting server? None.