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ED2020 Virtual Classroom - Introduction & Support

Who is the ED2020 Teacher?
Study Skills
Study Skills - The Learning Process
Study Skills - Taking Notes
Study Skills - Test Taking
Study Skills - Vocabulary
Study Skills - Resources
Quiz Answers for Chapters 3, 4, 5, &7
Quiz Answers for Chapters 9,10, & 12


Welcome to Tuba City High School's
ED2020 Virtual Classroom
Introduction & Support Page 
ED2020 is a Virtual Classroom where a student can take required courses on the computer, online.  The program is comprised of over 30 classes which can help you finish required courses for graduation or to prepare you to pass the AIMS test.  
Your classes are chosen by you and your counselor.  Once your classes have been selected then you come and visit me, Mr. Rich Garcia, Room 5115 Computer Lab, in the library. 


1st Period
8:40 - 10:10am
2nd Period
10:17 - 11:47am
3rd Period
11:54 - 12:34pm
12:39 - 1:09pm
3rd Period
1:14 - 2:04pm
4th Period
2:11 - 3:41pm
5th Period
3:50 - 5:50pm

ED2020 classes meet Monday - Friday, all periods.  In addition, we have an after-school 5th hour that goes from 3:50 - 5:50 Monday through Thursday.   Be on time. Remember 2 tardies make one absence. See you there!!


More Information on ED2020
Would you like to know a little bit more about the company who made ED2020?
 Click Here


Introduction (cont)
Once you and your counselors have agreed to classes you will bring me an Add Classes form and I will enroll you in the program and setup your classes.  I will also give you a username and password to enter into the program.  It's as easy as that. 


Here we go...
This is a screen shot of the Web page you will go to once you are enrolled and are begining to log into class.  If you want to let's  Go To Class.  Once you have logged in click on the link that says Go to Class and then just follow all instructions. 
As in all classes, once the teacher starts their lecture you must take notes.  One of the benefits of ED2020 is that the lecture can be played like a VCR.  This means you can stop it, rewind it or play the whole thing over.  This allows you to take good notes for your tests.   

So what kind of support can you get from this Web Page? Now that you are somewhat familiar with the ED2020 Program and you have your classes and your log-in assigned there is another type of support I would like to offer. In order to be successful in this class you will need good study skills. What are study skills?  Study skills are the tools/strategies you can use to learn the material in class and pass your assignments and tests. To support your success I will highlight 4 study skills for you to strengthen. They are: The Learning Process, Taking Notes, Test Taking, and Vocabulary. Please start by clicking the Study Skills link on the Navigation bar to the left. 


How do we get Usernames & Passwords for the Computer?
First you and your parents sign the Acceptable Use Policy form that is in your Student Handbook.  Once this is signed, take it to the Registrar, Loke Tahu and she will give you a username and password to log into any computer here at Tuba City High School.   
How can I take a class on the computer?
The program is designed just like a classroom, there is a video of a teacher who lectures you about the subject.  Then there are assignments to complete which will help you understand what the teacher lectured about.  Then of course there is a quiz.  The counselors have decided that you need to pass all parts of the class wih a 70% score, including quizzes and topic tests. 
What do I do if I fail a test?  Our goal is not to fail you, our goal is to help you pass the class.  If you fail the tests, I will reset you  and give you as many chances as you need to pass the test.  However taking the test over and over takes alot of time so it is better to study prior to the test and if you fail review your lecture notes so you will know which answer to choose the next time. 
Can I work on this class at home?
Yes.  You will need a computer with an internet connection.  Open up Internet Explorer and enter in the following address:
If you fail a test you need to email me so that I can reset your tests

Email Teacher


Click to Email Mr. Garcia with any Questions and Concerns!!